Published software

To control hardware and analize images, we have developped a series of software packages. While the instrumentation software is currently not openly released, many of the stable analysis tools are. The programs listed below are all open and in case of difficulty contact us. The instrumentation software is simply not openly avaliable, as it is very precisely optimized for the used hardware, and is hence largely useless unless exaclty the same hardware is connected. If there is interest in our control software feel free to contact us, however we will not be ably to provide support for these programs.

PIV based appraoch to determine the deformation fields around cancer spheroids embedded in a collagen matrix. The Program is Matlab based, and gives the time dependent deformation fields when reading time series images.
The software is avaliable on
GITHUBand described in more detail in this text.

Graphical user interface to segment fluorescent images of deformed elastic hydrogel beads. The deformation is developped in spherical harmonics and the leading deformation mode is used in an analytical solution to get the deformation stress and its direction. More details about the program and an application in muscle formation is
found in this text.

Special Thanks to all the Funding!